What Caused The Death Of Benazir Bhutto?
Mrs. Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, a world famous figure in the political field was assassinated on Dec.15th 2007. She entered the political arena in 1976 through her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, as the advisor to him. Her natal chart is given below......Read More
Rukmani Devi - The Film Idol Who Created History
It was a time there were no Television Facilities in Sri- Lanka. In 1950s I was a Grade 6 girl when I saw a film for the 1st time in my life. The film was “Umathu Visvasaya”(The Fanatic Faith) in which the Sinhala Film Idol Rukmani Devi, stole the show, with her unbeatable performance. It happens to be the 1st film of Clarice de Silva, another popular star of the bygone days......Read More

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